Life is full of change.

We humans grow, transform and transition, using years and rites of passage to mark time.

Ceremony is our way of making change meaningful; we create special moments to celebrate and punctuate the milestones on our journey.

More and more, people want their ceremonies and celebrations to reflect their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They seek a way that is unique and personal, that uses words and ideas rooted in the individual and their life experiences.

By making this the starting point of any ceremony the result is often both powerful and memorable and all the more beautiful for it.

© Chris Seddon Photography
© Chris Seddon Photography

As a Celebrant I offer inspiration and guidance towards doing just that. I craft ceremonies that reflect each wild and precious life, in a way that speaks to your heart and stirs your soul. I deliver each ceremony with great care and respect, sometimes with humour and always with joy. I create a space in which all feel welcome and able to celebrate alongside you.

Weddings, Namings and Funerals are just the beginning.

You might also consider marking new ventures, a pregnancy or even the start of a new season. Ceremony can also be wonderful tool to explore, acknowledge and accept situations that feel difficult or out of our control.

So, the next time you reach a moment in your life that deserves special attention, follow your heart and let it guide you to a ceremony that is as unique and precious as you are.

© Sarah Carpenter Photography

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