Your Big Day is coming up!

You want a personal, unique, heartfelt ceremony that is rooted in who you are, the life you live and the things that matter most.


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…more than just a party or celebration.

…more than filling out paperwork and meeting legal obligation.

You want it to be sacred, special; a meaningful moment in your precious life.

You want it to be outside in the wild or in a garden; feet on the earth and above you the sky.

a wild wedding for your wild heart 


viking bride and groom confetti


As a Wedding Celebrant it is my joy and pleasure to create sacred ceremonies for folks just like you, who want to celebrate their life and their love in a wildly personal way.

From blank page to Big Day I will uphold your dream for something more than the expected, as we work together to turn it into a reality.


I specialise in outdoor ceremonies.

Imagine garden weddings, tipi weddings in a field, woodland weddings, stone circle weddings, riverside weddings… the choice is yours!

I’m happy to get wet if the rain decides to join us or will gladly call in a little of that elemental wonder should you prefer an indoor location. If the outdoors is your passion, if the Earth speaks to your heart and you love nothing more than to dance barefoot in the rain then I’m the Celebrant for you!


A Pagan Viking Wedding is conducted beneath the branches of an overhanging Oak tree. Bride, Groom and Celebrant Keli Tomlin are dressed in Viking attire at the centre. Guests sit on hay bales in a circle around them


I also specialise in ritual and pagan weddings. From deeply spiritual pagan rites to ritual acts woven into a non-religious ceremony and everything in between; my eclectic approach gives me the inspiration and experience required to embody the meanings and the magic that resonate with you.

I perform Handfastings in a variety of forms and for any number of individuals. I can advise on other rituals you might choose to incorporate – such as Ring Warming, Tree Planting, Unity Candles and Cup Sharing/Toasting – and I love creating unique rituals with and for you!


The Bride and Groom walk amongst their guests in a cloud of confetti, they are laughing


I’m also a Naming Day Celebrant creating joyful celebrations for children and adults alike.

Perhaps you want to celebrate the arrival of your newest child, to welcome them into your family and community, but don’t feel you fit with any particular religious ceremony?

I can help you create a Baby Naming; a wonderful alternative to a christening, that prioritises your child and the relationships that will guide them through life.


A child stands on his father's knee while his mother looks on smiling during his Naming Day by Keli Tomlin Ceremonies


Or perhaps your children are grown but they still deserve celebrating?
A Naming Day is just as appropriate for celebrating children of any age in all their uniqueness!

Or are you an adult who has chosen to adopt a new name or identity that best reflects your self?
As your Celebrant I can create a Naming Ceremony that will make it clear to those in attendance what the change is and why it is important, with lightness, joy and sincere celebration.


Celebrant Keli Tomlin smiles as she rings the sacred bells to clear the space before performing a pagan wedding ceremony


I can also create ceremonies full of meaning, joy and celebration to suit all types of occasions. Some examples include:

Renewal of Vows

Milestone Anniversary Celebrations

House Blessings

Intuitive Ceremonies (unique, private rituals created to meet a personal need)


To find out more about who I am and how I can help use the menu above to have a look around the site.

Or take a leap and drop me a message; I’d love to get to know you better!




“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

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