Friend or Celebrant?

After a spate of articles around August this year (2019) that explored having friends or family members do the job, I wrote this as a response and a consideration of why a Celebrant is still a worthy choice.

I was thrilled to have it published over on The Celebrant Directory.


A Celebrant is not just someone who turns up on the day and reads from a few sheets of paper; they want to tell your story in all its uniqueness and are ready to use all their skills and experience to do it justice. They will be a supportive presence in the months and weeks leading up and can provide a wealth of advice and understanding on the workings of venues or the flow of the day. Finally, their sole focus will be assuring that your ceremony – the all-important heart of your Big Day – goes off without a hitch. No friend or family member, who quite rightly wants to relax and enjoy the whole thing from start to finish, can offer you that.


Keli Tomlin Celebrant at a Viking Wedding Ceremony hands dried pink rose petal confetti to two young boys. She is looking over her shoulder and smiling broadly
© Matt Thompson Photography


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