A young couple's joined hands, wrapped in a colourful cord, as part of their handfasting by Keli Tomlin. In the distance we can see guests looking on holding umbrellas. It is raining.

Booking With Me During Covid-19

These are strange times we are living through and while the Covid-19 crisis continues to generate uncertainty and disruption, after 6 months, many of us are coming to a place where the futute is taking shape again.

As a wild Celebrant I am determined to keep looking forwards – with passion and determination – finding ways and spaces where you and your loved ones can gather and celebrate what is most important.

The Bride and Groom walk amongst their guests in a cloud of confetti, they are laughing
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We are all desperate to be surrounded by family and friends; to laugh and hug and kiss and console. I am more than ready to embrace the rush of incredible outdoor parties, wild weddings and heartful gatherings ahead and want to bring my joy and skills to as many as possible.

So let’s not put off making plans for those beautiful days! You might even find support, hope and comfort in laying the seeds that will take shape on a future date.


Making the Most of Your Cancelled Date

Has your wedding been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis? Read my popular blog post on ways to make the most of your ‘would have been’ Wedding Day and keep your journey towards being married feeling positive, personal and on track.


Bookings for celebrations during/post Covid-19

I am currently taking bookings for Weddings, Handfastings, and Namings from August 2020 onward.

These ceremonies will be planned and presented within the guidelines and restrictions in place at any time.

Until further notice, all bookings will be on a flexible date reservation basis. Your non-refundable booking fee (£100) will secure you my services and a proposed ceremony date. Should government/health and safety restrictions mean this date becomes unviable you will be able to change the date to a new one, subject to availability. No extra charge will be incurred for this.

The remainder of the total balance will not be taken until we are certain the chosen date is viable. The timeline for this will be discussed at time of booking and as an ongoing part of our communications.

Should you decide to cancel your ceremony all monies paid until that point will be non-refundable, subject to the terms and conditions laid out in the booking form.

Due to the backlog of ceremonies that will inevitably arise when restrictions are relaxed, it is highly advisable to book your Celebrant as soon as possible. Even if your ceremony is in late 2021/2022, you might find your dream date taken by a couple who have had to rearrange due to Covid. So get in quick if you know you want a certain someone for that special day!

You might consider a Tiny Wedding or Elopement to manage potential restrictions. See this page for full details.
Celebrant Keli Tomlin smiles as she rings the sacred bells to clear the space before performing a pagan wedding ceremony
© Matt Thompson

Safe and Sound

You can be absolutely sure I will take every precaution necessary to ensure my safety and the safety of yourself and your guests at this time. This goes for any meetings we have to plan and prepare and for the Big Day itself.

Find out more about how I am reshaping ceremonies in line with current guidance here.

I am staying up to date on current guidelines and will pass this knowledge on to you as and when it becomes relevant to your special day.

We will work together to make any symbolic actions or elements of your ceremony ‘Covid-secure’. Less touch does not have to mean less meaning and I will be sure to uphold the connections inhernet at the heart of your wedding or naming ceremony using every trick in my Celebrant book!


Inspiring and Uplifting

Back in March/April I offered online readings of a #PoemADay over on my Facebook Page; to inspire and lift the spirits.

You can find all the videos and see/hear me in action on my Youtube Channel: Living Sacred with Keli Tomlin

Listen. Breathe. Feel. Share.


If you have any questions, concerns or you’d just like to chat more about possibilities or ways I could be of service – both during and after this unusual time – them please get in touch via the website here or email info@kelitomlinceremonies.com