4 Reasons to have a Vow Renewal or Anniversary Blessing

1. Joy!

Marking the anniversary of your marriage with a Vow Renewal or Anniversary Blessing is a joyful way of recognising and honouring the bond of love between you.

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Whether you’ve been together for 10, 25 or 50+ years, celebrating your anniversary with a simple ceremony can strengthen your connection as a couple and rekindle your joy in one another.

It’s also a great excuse to gather close those you love and include them in your celebration! As well as taking part in the ceremony – with readings, sharing memories or simple rituals such as a rose ceremony – they can celebrate with you afterwards in whatever way suits: a picnic, a sit-down meal, or a party till dawn.

However you choose to frame it, your Vow Renewal or Anniversary Blessing will no doubt be a day filled with laughter, love and happy memories to last all the years ahead of you.

2. Commitment

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Speaking new (or repeating old) vows to your beloved is a beautiful way to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another. At once a remembering of your beginnings and the powerful feelings that brought you together in the past, and a redefining of all that keeps you together in the present.

Choosing to celebrate your love and acknowledge your togetherness is an act of deep commitment, to one another and to the future that lies ahead you.

Investing your time, energy and emotions in a Vow Renewal or Anniversary Blessing speaks strongly of your continued commitment to one another.

3. Change

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Relationships and individuals are in constant flux, changing and growing as part of the cycle of life. The people you were when you first came together in loving relationship will not be the same people you are now.

Realising this can be unsettling; accepting the changes in you or your partner may not always come easily. Using ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate these changes can be liberating and an opportunity to express your true selves – before witnesses or simply to one another – and reaffirm the bond of love that exists between them.

Many couples have begun incorporating rituals such as Handfastings into their Vow Renewals or Anniversary Blessings, to make visible the strength and beauty of this bond.

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4. Transition

A Vow Renewal does not have to come as part of a Wedding Anniversary.

Some folks choose to hold a Vow Renewal or Blessing as a way of acknowledging a transitional period in their life together.

Going through difficult times, overcoming weighty struggles, or individuals reforming the way they show up in their family and home (by choice or circumstance) are all perfect reasons to hold a ceremony; as both a recognition of all that has been experienced and a celebration of the loving bond that lies at the heart of it all.

Embodying life’s transitions through ceremony and celebration allows for a smooth journey, from what came before, towards all that awaits you in the future.


If you’d like to chat more about creating a special celebration for your Vow Renewal or Anniversary, drop me a line here or via email info@kelitomlinceremonies.com


a testimonial for Keli Tomlin, Celebrant which reads: Keli conducted our Vow Renewal as part of our 20th Wedding Anniversary... with such compassion and wisdom that it was a truly magical, emotional and inspiring occasion. We all felt very safe in her hands.
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