Why I love being an Outdoor Wedding Celebrant

If an outdoor wedding is important to you then a wedding Celebrant is key. We are not restricted to licensed wedding venues, meaning you can get wed surrounded by the landscape you love the most; from rolling hills and lush woodlands to peaceful riversides or your own back garden. 

Outdoor weddings are my favourite, the wilder the better! Being an outdoor Celebrant means I get to experience some pretty incredible things along with my families and couples…

1. Dreams Come True

An outdoor wedding is the perfect canvas for a themed wedding day. Outdoor landscapes provide atmosphere and integrity, as well as a deep sense of time. If you are dreaming of a historically themed wedding (such as this magical, medieval day) or even a Celtic/Viking-esque experience (like this one) then rent a field or outdoor venue and transform it into your own private fantasy.

Alternatively, you might embody the relaxed excitement of a music festival or the joyful kitsch of a village fete by setting yourself up in an outdoor location including all sorts of neat extra touches: games, hay bales, tents, ice cream vans and more. All give your theme that authentic, outdoorsy feel.

For me, as a Celebrant, this kind of immersive, outdoor wedding experience is an absolute joy! It expresses the heart and imagination of the lovers involved which inspires my writing, helping me to create a truly unique and memorable ceremony. Seeing and being part of their dreams coming true is a great pleasure and honour.


2. The Nature Connection

There is nothing quite as special as feeling held by the love of your family and friends during your wedding ceremony. It’s why I often encourage clients to consider getting married in a circle, to amplify that feeling of support and togetherness.

When your are surrounded by a beautiful landscape you also get a sense of being held by the World itself. Being out in Nature is proven to make us feel calm, happy and connected to one another. I welcome and encourage these feelings as part of all my wedding ceremonies; being outdoors makes this so much easier!

© Chris Seddon Photography

I often welcome and acknowledge Nature, and the natural elements at each ceremony location ceremony; sometimes within the ceremony itself or privately during my set up. 

This draws mindful attention to the beautiful space and encourages everyone to be fully present in this most important of moments. It also acknowledges that we, along with our ceremonies and rituals, are a part of nature too. 

By welcoming in the landscape, we acknowledge this important moment of change and celebration as a part of both personal, human history and the history of the World itself.

© Matt Thompson Photography


3. Amazing Acoustics

It may sound strange (no pun intended!) but I find spoken word, during ceremony, is best received outdoors. Yes, the wind can occasionally play merry heck with us, but you can use electrical support and other tricks to overcome it.

Being outdoors lessens the impact of ambient noise from the building you are in and your guests. No electrical hums, no hissing pipes, no shuffling bottoms on seats or awkwardly loud coughs and sniffles. Being outside swallows these natural human noises with ease, allowing your guests and yourselves to be as fidgety as needed without drawing attention!

Acoustic music sounds wonderful outdoors, so including singing or live music in your ceremony can be a real treat. People tend to be more confident using their voices in an outdoor space as they don’t feel under such intense scrutiny.

I often find that the laughs are heartier, the vows are clearer and the cheers are louder at outdoor weddings!


4. Elemental Experience

Getting married outdoors under a bright, blue, sky is truly a magical thing. There is something very special and memorable about combining the human love of gathering in the sunshine (in the UK at least!) with the love you have for one another; it brings an energy that can not be replicated!

That said, outdoor weddings are at the mercy of the elements. Weather is one of those things we just can’t predict and occasionally it isn’t going to play our way. 

As an outdoor Celebrant I have conducted ceremonies in all weathers. I’ve witnessed vows spoken into the wind and I’ve bound hands in the pouring rain and found it as deeply memorable and meaningful as ever. So, if the need to be married beneath open sky is strong in you, there are Celebrants (like myself) who can and will make that happen, whatever the forecast!

© Phillip Parnell Photography

The key to this is preparation and knowing how far you can go before an elemental intervention detracts from the ceremony itself. This will vary from person to person and an experienced outdoor Celebrant will be able to give advice on this.

Wherever your ceremony takes place, under canvas or under sky, a sense of the outdoors can still be evoked. Planning for an outdoor ceremony inspires the language and content that I create and I make it my duty to inspire a sense of spaciousness and connection to the great outdoors, wherever we are.


I love, love, love being an outdoor wedding Celebrant! If you are dreaming of an outdoor wedding too then I’d love to hear from you too.

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