About Me

Hello, I’m Keli.

A woman (Keli Tomlin) smile broadly at the camera, there is a brightly coloured leaf tucked behind her ear.

I am a bit of a ‘hippy’ with the heart of a theatrical performer and the soul of a rather hapless poet. I believe in the bohemian tenants of ‘freedom, beauty, truth and love’ and embody them through connection, imagination, integrity and compassion.

I have been creating ceremony for most of my life. Explorations of pagan and alternative spirituality in my teens and twenties, led me to develop a strong sense of reverence for the Earth and the Land, which has grown into a unique path all my own (I’ve never been good at following tradition).

I call myself ‘green-spirited’. I am inspired by nature and the World around us and believe strongly in the connection between people and place. I celebrate the eight-festival Wheel of the Year and try to embrace the cycles of constant change, embodied by Nature, in my own life, as much as possible.

A woman (Keli Tomlin) pressers her face to the branch of a tree, her eyes are closed, she is peaceful

I have experienced a variety of lifestyles over the years; living in a small industrial town, then a bustling metropolis and now a rural haven at the edge of the Peak District. I love walking and visiting places of natural beauty; stone circles and deep woodlands are my happy place. I recycle and turn off the tap when I brush my teeth and more recently step out into climate activism when I can. I draw endless inspiration from being close to the Land and watching the seasons turn.

I also love people. In fact I try to love all living things, including those that can’t speak or move like we do. It is my belief that we are all connected: a great Web of Life united in common need and purpose. This belief keeps me grounded, responsible and honest and it is what empowers me to embrace all beings and acts of ceremony as sacred.

A Bride and Groom have their hands tied as part of a handfasting ritual. They are smiling at their guests. The Celebrant Keli Tomlin stands behind them smiling, her arms spread to present them to the guests.

I am a cis woman, wife and mother. I love Yorkshire Tea, stand up comedy, fantasy novels and noodles (ideally all at the same time!). I live peacefully chaotically with my husband and my son on the rugged edge between Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

And I am looking forward to meeting you.

A Pagan Celebrant (Keli Tomlin) stands looking at the sky, smiling, as the outdoor wedding ceremony comes to a close. The image is black and white.