I am often described as a confident and outgoing person; I would say that is only part right. I am also a quiet, careful introvert with the heart of a theatrical performer and the soul of a rather hapless poet. This combination of seemingly opposing qualities is what allows me to be a Celebrant; unlike any other role I have come across it allows me to exercise a strong presence and public speaking skills to communicate something which is heartfelt, human and true.

I encountered creative ceremony as part of my explorations into alternative spirituality. Through my late teens and twenties I took part in and created ceremonies for a variety of people and purposes; from seasonal celebrations to personal transformations, for myself, for friends and for large groups of like-minded individuals. I learned that ceremony can be as complex and dramatic as a West End theatre production or as simple as casting a coin into a fountain; what makes them powerful and meaningful is the intention behind them.

© Chris Seddon Photography
© Chris Seddon Photography

I have experienced a variety of approaches to Life and belief over the years. Living in a small industrial town, then a bustling metropolis and now a rural haven at the edge of the Peak District, it is no surprise that my outlook is somewhat eclectic. I call myself green-spirited; meaning I have a strong and abiding love for the Earth and the natural world. I love walking and visiting places of natural beauty. I recycle and turn off the tap when I brush my teeth. I draw endless inspiration from being close to the Land and watching the seasons turn.

I also love people. In fact I try to love all living things, including those that can’t speak or move like we do. It is my belief that we are all connected as part of the same World – the great Web of Life – and this unity is what entitles us all to compassion, respect and generosity from others. It is also why ceremony is so powerful and so vital.

By creating ceremonies that are built around a strong reverence for Love, Life and the Land I aim to deepen the connections we feel between all who are present and who take part. The more aware we are of this connection the more we come to understand our place within our families, our communities and the World itself. We come to better understand who we are. This understanding will eventually lead to greater peace and joy for all of us… of that I am certain.

I am both proud and honoured to be a small part of that process.

I am a wife and a mother. I love Yorkshire Tea, fantasy novels and sponge cake (ideally all at the same time!). I live peacefully chaotically with my husband, my son on the rugged edge between Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

And I am looking forward to meeting you.

© Chris Seddon Photography
© Chris Seddon Photography

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