a four-day experience introducing the tools needed to create rites of communion, connection and celebration.



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Ceremony transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary, something sacred; it is an opportunity to acknowledge and express the Divine nature inherent in all things. It reminds us that we too are part of this incredible Whole. Reaffirming the divinity and interconnectedness of all life urges us to live softly, compassionately and with purpose and grace.

In our ancient past it was common place for regular rites of passage and celebration to be enacted within the home, amongst families and communities, to strengthen ties and lift us out of the mundane and into extraordinary communion with our World.

Through the creation of ritual, we awaken creativity, energy and a deep respect in all aspects of our lives. These qualities are often lost amongst the hustle, bustle and desperation of a modern existence. ‘ELEMENTS’ encourages you to actively consider the place ritual and ceremony could have in your life and how you might place it there; whatever your experience or inspirations.


a new/old skill set…

The tools of creating sacred ceremony have become lost to many of us or placed in the hands of a select few. Yet we enact ritual without realising it (birthday candles, anyone?) and a deep part of our psyche still recognises its power and importance. Consciously embracing the tools to create ritual re-gifts us the ability to make our lives and the moments in them feel meaningful, purposeful and powerful without needing ‘special’ knowledge or an intermediary.

We are also gifted a deeply personal way to strengthen our connection to those things which matter most to us; whether they be people, plants, places or the precious work of knowing ourselves better.

Whether you intend to celebrate with others or in private, ‘ELEMENTS’ provides a solid foundation upon which your unique approach can grow.


Using the four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) as both guide and container, we will explore how all rituals require grounding, intention, energy and flow.

Each session will look at a specific requirement paired with a single Element; exploring why each tool is important and the myriad ways it might be achieved through discussion, practical experience and reflection. The skills will build upon each other throughout the four days and to end each session we will co-create a simple ceremony together. Participation is by choice and no-one will be expected to do anything they are uncomfortable with, but you will be encouraged to lean into your edges and discover the unique gifts you have to offer.

As a closed circle we will provide a safe and nurturing space for everyone to explore and express their ideas and experiences. There will be opportunities to connect deeply with each Element indoors and in Nature, drawing their energies close to further inspire our learning. We will aim to work outside for part of each day, weather permitting, and the venue offers a variety of different spaces to do so including a small woodland and larger open spaces; all of which are private and for our sole use at the time.


For who…

For those who have never created ritual before, ‘ELEMENTS’ offers the building blocks upon which to begin forming your practice; with practical knowledge and experience woven alongside ideas, inspiration and encouragement to trust your own creativity and abilities.

For those who already have a ritual practice or experience with holding circle, ceremonies and similar acts of celebration, ‘ELEMENTS’ is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your own craft and capacities; to explore new ideas and possibilities and to learn, inspire and be inspired by Nature and those who journey alongside you.


What is included…

Four days of practical experience and discussion covering the foundational elements of creating ritual, ceremony and celebration; including topics such as –

  • Creating sacred space
  • Crafting intention and setting purpose
  • The ‘types’ of ritual: blessings, memorials, celebrations etc.
  • Meaningful actions and powerful words
  • Raising and sending energy
  • ‘Telling the story’: the structure of a ceremony

Opportunities to connect deeply to the natural world – both indoors and outdoors – as a source of inspiration and encouragement.

A comprehensive handout for each session that covers the topics discussed and will provide reference for the future.

A safe space within which you can ask questions, discover ideas and share experiences and creativity with like-minded souls.

The chance to co-create four rituals that embrace and honour the natural world/four Elements and our connection to it.




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