Little Rituals

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a new workshop creating little rituals to make life feel magical



When: Saturday 5th October, 10am – 5pm

Where: The Scout Hut, Adderley Place, Glossop


Ritual is a container for deepening and expanding our lived experience; transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, making the mundane feel sacred.

For much of our known history, rituals have been interwoven with religious observance or ascribed to important life events (marriage, death) which makes it easy to forget the more common situations in which ritual can, and does, have a place.

Have you ever blown out candles on a cake to mark another turn around the solar wheel?

Or lit a candle to hold someone in your thoughts?

Perhaps you pull on lucky socks before an interview or exam, say a mantra in the mirror each morning, or make your coffee in the exact same cup, in the exact same way each and every day?

A deep part of our psyche recognises the power and importance of enacting ritual; even if we don’t know we are doing it. Consciously embracing and creating them re-gifts us the power to make our lives feel meaningful and mindful without needing any ‘special’ knowledge or an intermediary.

We also gain a deeply personal way to strengthen our connection to those things that matter most to us; whether they be people, plants, places or the precious work of knowing ourselves better.

Ritual provides the space and time to acknowledge and express the Divine nature inherent in all things and reminds us that we are part of an incredible Web of Life. Reaffirming this interconnectedness on a regular basis is incredibly healing and empowering; and urges us to live more softly, compassionately and with purpose and grace.



Reawakening ritual…

This workshop will explore the four basic foundations of ritual: space, intention, expression and flow and how to utilise these in the simplest of ways to create moments of magic in daily life. Whether it be a ritual of gratitude, of celebration or deep personal exploration the roots are the same. By becoming familiar with them and the myriad ways they can be interpreted, we begin the journey of discovering our own unique approach to ritual.

Through discussion and practical experience, using words, actions, sound and silence, you will explore different types of ritual content and discover which come most naturally and resonate most deeply for you.

There will also be the opportunity to create a little ritual of your own to take home; the first step towards a life full of magic moments.

This will be a safe and nurturing space for everyone to explore new ideas and share their experiences. You will be encouraged to lean into your edges and discover the unique gifts you have to offer. We will aim to work both inside and outside, weather permitting, and the venue offers a variety of different spaces to do so including a small woodland and larger open spaces; all of which are private.


For who?

For those who have never created ritual before, ‘Little Rituals’ offers the building blocks to begin forming your personal practice; with practical knowledge and experience woven alongside inspiration and encouragement to trust your own intuition, creativity and abilities.

For those who already have a ritual practice this is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your own craft and capacities. Looking at the roots from which you are growing can bring confidence and clarity; as well as the chance to inspire and be inspired by Nature and those who journey alongside you.



What is included…

Practical experience and discussion covering the foundational elements of creating little rituals that would fit into daily life, including topics such as –

  • What is ritual and where might it fit in?
  • Creating sacred space
  • Crafting intention and setting purpose
  • Meaningful actions and powerful words
  • Raising and sending energy
  • ‘Letting it flow’ – following your heart and trusting your intuition

Connecting deeply to the natural world as a source of inspiration and encouragement.

A comprehensive handout that covers the content of the workshop, providing reference for the future.

A safe space to ask questions, discover ideas and share experiences and creativity with like-minded souls.

The chance to create a little ritual that will bring a moment of connection and meaning into your daily routine.



The details…

Where: The Scout Hut, Adderley Place, Glossop, SK13 6PA

When: Saturday 5th October, 10am – 5pm (arriving from 9:30am)

Cost: £55 / Early Bird Offer £50 if booked before June 21st

Deposit of £25 is required at time of booking with full payment made by August 1st.

Access and other information:

The Scout Hut is fully accessible and has street level access to the hall and ramp access to the outdoors spaces. Some of the outdoor spaces are on an incline and have rough ground; please get in touch for more details.

Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided; lunch is the responsibility of each individual.

Full details of course content and practicalities will be provided closer to the date, to those who are booked in.





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