Wild Elopement

Escape to a secret location and make your vows of loving commitment in the presence of one another and the natural World.

These intimate ceremonies focus purely on you; the things you need to say to one another and the actions you need to take to feel seen, held and wed.

Many elements of a Wild Wedding or Handfasting can be incorporated into an Elopement. There is an ease and an intimacy that comes with being with only your Celebrant and each other. Expect deep connection, sacred silence and the space and confidence to say and do what is most important for you.

Wild Locations

An Elopement can happen anywhere! They are ideal for the adventurous sort and those who love nature. If you feel intimately connected to a particular outdoor space it can make the perfect ceremony location; from the local park to your back garden, to the top of a mountain or a beloved nature reserve. Only your imagination (and the laws of land ownership!) hold you back!

I am based in the Peak District, UK. I know the Dark Peak (the North) intimately and can suggest locations within this area. If the rugged moors and rock formations don’t speak to your heart then look to the White Peak (the South) with its rolling green hills and impressive vistas. The whole District is full of gorgeous pubs, b&bs and hotels and home to a number of incredible photographers who can all help make your day even more memorable.

Elopements travel light and don’t involve excessive decoration or objects. With respect to the Land we will leave no trace of our ceremony behind, so only natural, sustainable additions such as dried flower confetti etc. may be considered. Bring only what can be carried and trust the ceremony and each other to be all you need.

What to expect at your Elopement

We will meet and journey together to the site of your initimate ceremony. We might spend the time chatting and allowing the bubbling excitement to overflow, or travel in quiet, allowing our thoughts to focus on what lies ahead.

Arriving on site, you will have time to settle yourselves while I arrange the space. This might include a cleansing and blessing, a boundary casting, or it might simply be a time for quiet reflection.

When all is prepared we will come together and conduct the ceremony created just for you.

Afterwards I’ll give you some time together to absorb all that has happened and bask in the glow of the moment. This is a good time to take some photographs. I’ll be sure to clear away any marks of our presence so we leave no trace.

Then we return to the outside world, and you will be wed!

Remember, as with all Celebrant ceremonies in England and Wales, you will need to make the marriage legal through your local regisrty office. See this post for details or ask me for advice.

Wild Elopement fee from £250

(added costs may be incurred for travel expenses/accomodation depending on location)

Tiny Wild Weddings

Tiny Weddings were cool before the restrictions of Covid-19 made them a necessity for some folks. Relaxed, intimate and affordable, what’s not to love about a gathering of your nearest and dearest to make your wedding vows?

A Tiny Wild Wedding can include almost everything that a Wild Wedding or Handfasting does, without the lengthy guest list. With up to 10 folks in attendance (those getting wed included) this is your opportunity to celebrate your love in a way that feels intimately connected to those who matter to you most.

Ideal for families with children who don’t want to make a huge fuss, or for any introverts out there who would find the traditional ‘Big Day’ a big stress. A Tiny Wild Wedding comes with all the heart and less organising; leaving you more time to enjoy the people and the parts that matter to you most.

Wild Locations

A Tiny Wild Wedding can happen anywhere and your choice of location increases when you don’t have to factor in a huge number of guests.

For the adventurous type you might take your handful of guests into the hills or into a favourite woods to watch your vows being made. Homebodies might prefer to gather in the back garden or the local park to celebrate their love.

These ceremonies are intimate by nature and often feel far more relaxed and at ease than a larger wedding. Expect lots of laughter, improvisation and connection. Everyone is a vital part of the ceremony at a Tiny Wedding.

What to expect on Your Tiny Wedding Day

I arrive with plenty of time to spare and ensure the space is set and prepared for the ceremony we have planned. This can include a cleansing and blessing should you wish and I will provide the necessary tools for this.

We deliver the ceremony created just for you, with up to 10 people in attendance, including those getting wed.

After the ceremony I can meet your guests and answer any questions. I will also ensure any items of importance, from the ceremony, are safely packed away, before leaving you to any further celebrations.

Tiny Wedding fee from £300

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on location)