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Where can we hold our ceremony?


A Celebrant-led ceremony has no restrictions on location and can take place under the sky or in a building.

Love the outdoors? You might consider using a family house or garden. Further afield there are woodlands, fields, hillsides, parks and riversides just waiting to be explored. Tents, tipis, marquees are all popular and easy to hire and can bring ceremony and celebration to one perfect location.

If beautiful buildings are your thing you could choose a stately home or boutique hotel, and hold the ceremony in the grounds as easily as one of their indoor rooms. Whether they have a legal wedding license or not does not affect whether you can have a Celebrant-led wedding and all the freedoms it offers.

And don’t forget all the incredible farms, bunkhouses, barns and village halls, offering you the freedom to DIY your whole day or be guided through it by experienced staff.

The choice, really is, yours!

How far can you travel?

I live in Derbyshire and can easily travel within Derbyshire, Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire. I also love an adventure; so if you are thinking of celebrating further afield get in touch and we can chat about possibilities.

Can we meet you before we book you?

I will always do my best to meet you before confirming a booking, to ensure that we will feel comfortable working together. This is a free consultation and can take place at your home or in a public place within 30 miles of my local area.

If you live further away I may ask to meet you in a town/city that is easily accessible for us both or we can have this initial chat over the phone/online.

Are your ceremonies legal?

No. I can not legally register your marriage, a death or the birth of a child. All these things must be done by a person licensed to do so; often your local registrar or (in the case of weddings) a priest/vicar. See this post for more information.

Then what can you do?

I create a ceremony that is utterly unique and bespoke to you.

Civil ceremonies work from a pre-written script and restrict the personalised content you can include and in order to fulfil the legal requirements of marriage. Without the need to meet these restrictions or include any the jargon, I am free to fill your ceremony with whatever matters most to you!

There might be singing, silent contemplation, or the sharing of stories, anecdotes, and promises. The speaking of poetry, favourite movie quotes or the playing of instruments. We can incorporate traditional elements alongside new rituals and ideas created just for you; spiritual or secular.

We can involve family and friends as much or as little as you like. I can make suggestions for readings, symbolic actions (such as Handfasting) and even create a ‘sacred space’ if that is something that resonates for you.

I have a deep well of inspiration and possibilities for you to tap into; check out the pages below or take a look at all my blog posts (at the bottom of the home page) to give you some ideas:

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Above all I will be your ceremony champion, supporting and upholding the space you need to have the ceremony you’ve always imagined.

How do we make our marriage legal?

It’s very simple; and cost effective too!

See this post for all the details.

How do we book you?

After ensuring your date is available, I will send you a full quote (including nay travel expenses etc) and a booking form via email. In order to secure your date, this form must be returned to me with a booking fee. Payments can be made via bank transfer.

See this post for details of my flexible booking process during Covid-19 restrictions; in place for 2020-2021.

What is your Privacy Policy?

See this page here.