Are your ceremonies legal?

No. I can not legally register your marriage, a death or the birth of a child. All these things must be done by a person licensed to do so; often your local registrar or (in the case of weddings) a priest/vicar.

Then what can you do?!

I can craft you a ceremony that is uniquely tailored to you and your life, incorporating common elements (e.g: ring exchange at a wedding) along with unique ideas created by you or me. I can also include content that legally registered persons are unable to use due to official guidelines and can advise you on what is needed to add the legal element to your wedding/funeral which (from personal experience) can actually be very simple!

Where can we hold our ceremony?


Let your imagination guide you; some ideas include gardens, parks, ancient monuments, woodlands, local halls, museums and theatres. If the ceremony is to be a large gathering be sure to obtain permission from any land/site owners in advance. There is no need to find a licensed venue unless you are hoping to include any legal aspects on the same day.

How far will you travel?

I am based in North Derbyshire and can easily travel within Derbyshire, Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire. I am always open to new adventures though; so if you are thinking of celebrating further afield do ask and we can chat about possibilities.

Can we meet you before we book you?

I will always do my best to meet you before confirming a booking to ensure that we will feel comfortable working together. This is a free consultation and can take place at your home or in a public place within 30 miles of my local area. If you live further away than this I may ask to meet you in a town/city that is easily accessible for us both or we can have this initial chat over the phone; this can also be useful if meeting in person is, for whatever reason, not possible.

How much are we involved in creating the ceremony?

As much as you like.

Ideally I like to meet/speak with you at least once before I begin creating the ceremony, to gain an insight into who you are and what you need so that the end result reflects this.

I am then happy to go away and create alone, but also welcome ideas and input from you throughout the process.

Finally I will send you the finished article for your feedback and will happily work through multiple drafts until you are satisfied.

See the Process page for more detail.

How long does the process take?

This again will depend on your individual needs. Obviously the further in advance you contact me the more chance there is to meet, discuss, redraft etc and the more likely you are to secure the date you want (note: weekends from May-September can be particularly busy!). However I appreciate that we do not always have the luxury of time so it is always worth getting in touch to ask; I will do my utmost to work with you and fit everything to your schedule.

Can we include any religious/spiritual elements in our ceremony?

Absolutely. I am happy to incorporate any elements that are important to you and will gladly research ideas that are new to me to be sure they are handled with care.

However I do reserve the right to ask questions and to decline certain aspects if I feel I can not offer them in an authentic and meaningful way. I will always strive to find a way that will work for us both!

Are you a Humanist?

No. I am not in any way affiliated with the Humanist Association (or any other organisation) nor will I conduct a ‘Humanist’ ceremony. I can however create ceremony for Humanists which is centred around their ideals and beliefs; but I do not follow their training/guidelines.

I trained as an independent Celebrant and was encouraged to create of a style of ceremony that is unique to me; which is why you can be sure that the ceremony I create for you will be unique too! Of course I share some ideas with others (including some Humanists I’m sure) but I am not in any way bound to the rules or regulations of any particular training body.

What is a Priestess?

I use the word Priestess as an echo of times when ritual and ceremony where considered vital parts of human and social life; when rites of passage, seasonal turns and other meaningful and mundane moments were embraced as opportunities for deep connection and transformation, through ritual.

I strongly believe that modern ceremonies and rituals can call to a place inside us that remembers this possibility. As a Priestess, I take on the role of one who creates and holds spaces where transformation and connection can occur; a guide, guardian and supportive heart as we travel together into the mystery of life, not knowing what may be experienced along the way.

All my work involves elements of my Priestess role, however, for events that specifically call to transformative work, outside of the usual rites of passage, see the ‘Courses and Sales’ tab on the menu bar.

Are you religious/spiritual?

I consider myself green-spirited and will always bring elements of my earth-centred, mindful approach to the work I do. At its most subtle this means that I take great pride and care in creating a space and ceremony that is connected, inclusive and open-hearted to all present. In more overt situations I can create ceremonies that involve and embody the Earth, the Elements and that reflect aspects of pagan and earth-centred spiritualities.

If you would like to get a sense of the person I am and things that inspire me, my archived blog Walk The Wheel might be useful for you to explore, or find and follow me on Facebook or Instagram (@kelitomlin) where I post regularly.

How much do you charge?

Prices vary depending on the type of ceremony and the complexity of the content. After the initial consultation I will provide you with a quote that takes into account your requirements. Please contact me for more details.

What is your Privacy Policy?

See the Connect page.



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