Pagan Wedding Celebrant, Keli Tomlin, stands with a smile on her face looking up at the sky. In the foreground the backs of the bride and groom she is handfasting are just visible. The image is black and white.

I’m an earth-loving, barefoot-walking, tree-hugging human, and green-spirited Celebrant, living and loving my third decade with a son, a husband and a hamster called Jack to keep me company.

A small village in the Peak District is home, but I’ve also lived in the sprawl of London and grew up in an industrial Northern town. A Yorkshire lass at heart; I love the tea and the beer and the sarcastic humour, but I’m also a sensitive soul, called to to the open moors and the wild woodlands of our land.

Poetry and beautiful words are my passion and I believe strongly in the power of speaking them aloud. I bring my passion for words to every ceremony I create and am hugely inspired by writers such as John O’Donohue, Glennie Kindred, Robert MacFarlane and Emma Restall Orr. I escape into novels that are fantastical and full of magic and dragons, because I believe in a World that is a magical place and write poems, short stories and articles on earth-based spirituality and what it is to live in this World as a perfectly imperfect human.

Keli tomlin Celebrant stands smiling and playing a skin drum

I love folk music and will always get up and dance given the opportunity. Campfires, long skirts, cider and drums are my idea of perfect evening. I often camp with my family and dream of sneaking off into the woods alone, to sleep under the stars.

Over the years, I’ve visited Stonehenge, Avebury, the Nine Ladies, Arbor Low, West Kennett Barrow and Glastonbury Tor and have a deep respect for these wild and sacred places.

I still find the hills of my own valley the most perfect place to be to watch the sun rise and set.


A ‘Green-Spirited’ Celebrant…

I trained to be a ‘Green-Spirited’ Celebrant, with two wonderful teachers, Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling, six years ago, but my journey with ceremony and ritual began far earlier.

After discovering paganism in my late teens, I perused many of its different traditions, practising and experimenting, before deciding labels really weren’t my thing and continuing to explore spirituality through my own lived experience. I grew confident in creating my own rituals and sacred spaces, taking inspiration from Nature and its seasonal cycles.

In London, I worked with the Pagan Federation participating in seasonal celebrations and rituals for the public. Sometimes attracting over a hundred attendees, these celebrations were theatrical, enthusiastic and fun; they taught me a lot about telling a story, holding space for a large group and most importantly keeping individuals connected through the power of symbolic action and words.

Keli Tomlin green spirited celebrant leading wedding ceremony in Edale, she stands with trees behind her looking at the bride and groom who are facing away from camera

After settling in the Peaks, as well as undertaking my Celebrant training, I created a community gathering called ‘Walk The Wheel’ where for folks could gather and celebrate the turning year and acknowledge their connection to the cycles of Nature. It was a deeply humbling and inspiring experience that ran for four years.

Today, I am a ‘Green-Spirited’ Celebrant meaning I am strongly connected to the Earth and its cycles in everything I do. I am an animist and believe all things to have a spirit and are sacred and deserving of equal respect, care and compassion. I am passionate about living a sustainable, eco-conscious life and am deeply inspired and upheld by the energies of the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water); they form the root of my spiritual practise and the foundation for my continued journey for deeper connection and appreciation of the World.


Keli Tomlin green spirited celebrant conducting a wedding and handfasting for a bride and groom who stand with their hands bound, smiling at their guests Keli Tomlin green spirited pagan celebrant stands smiling at a bride and groom during a viking outdoor wedding in sheffield Keli Tomlin green spirited celebrant conducts a handfasting for a bride and groom, the celebrant is laughing with the couple, the image is in black and white

As Your Celebrant…

I am always aware of how lucky I am to be part of the special moments and milestones in your life and I treat every ceremony as ‘sacred’ and worthy of deep care, hard work and respect.

That does not mean there is no room for joy and levity; just the opposite in fact! Finding ways to bring lightness, joy, humour and fun into moments that are simultaneously meaningful, powerful and important is the reason I do what I do. Our most precious moments need not be ‘solemn’ occasions; there is far more meaning in laughter and tears than in apathy or boredom!

I am passionate about creating ceremonies that resonate with the voices of those individuals they are built around. I love using my skills as a public speaker and performer to create a ceremony that is remembered as the beating heart of a day that was so very ‘you’.

Keli Tomlin green spirited pagan Celebrant at a Viking Wedding Ceremony hands dried pink rose petal confetti to two young boys. She is looking over her shoulder and smiling broadly

Words from happy clients…

Keli is such a lovely person with a kind and positive heart. Her energy and love seems to shine out of her and she instantly made us feel comfortable and at ease.

The handfasting day was so perfect and Keli made everything flow so wonderfully.

We will be eternally grateful to Keli for all the hard work, love and pure magic she put into our day.

~ Emma & Robert, 2019

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