Reflections on Living Sacred events…


“Thankyou for facilitating today’s finding sacred space session. I entered with some [sic]intrepidation, however your warm welcome and your very special ways soon put me at ease, allowing me to quickly ground in the safe space and open to the experience. Not once did I feel silly or uncomfortable at anytime. This allowed me to embrace the session, get out of my head and ground into my body and beyond.

I left feeling lighter, peaceful and relaxed. And very privileged to have been held and acknowledged in the space.”

Jane, Sanctuary Feb 2020



“It was altogether a beautiful experience and I was so glad I attended. Thank you.”

Rhiannon, Sanctuary Feb 2020




“What a wonderful session on Sunday morning; it was timely for me… It was so nice to meet you, and just to know you’re out in the world doing your lovely thing! Meantime, I’m inspired to create a new altar in my garden. Thank you.”

Selina, Sanctuary Feb 2020