I create and hold spaces that encourage active participation and deep connection with one another, with Nature and the many cycles of Life.

Through taking part in workshops, attending seasonal celebrations or gathering in sacred space, I want you to remember and re-embody the sacred quality of Life.

And if we can’t meet in person, you’ll find meditations, pathworkings, poetry and more over on my Facebook Page and the Living Sacred YouTube Channel; to inspire ‘your one wild and precious life’.


I pass on the tools and processes of ritual that I have gleaned through years of experience and awaken the inspiration inside you to develop still more.

I reconnect you to the instinct that understands why it is important to mark moments and make spaces sacred.


I encourage you to reclaim your right to ritual and the power it holds.
Not a power that of domination or control, but a power that feeds and nourishes you, that awakens your courage and compassion and nurtures your sense of connection to All Things.

I would love our threads to connect someday.


Upcoming Events

All events are currently on hold due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Keep checking back for updates or subscribe to my mailing list to be kept up to date with all new possibilities.