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What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is a platform that allows supporters to make monetary contributions towards the work of creatives whose work inspires them. For me, Ko-fi is a way of opening myself to the support and generosity of my community; allowing the content I provide for free online (such as downloads, social media posts, photos, poetry etc.) to generate some remuneration like the rest of my work.

My Ko-fi page is here.

Why am I using Ko-fi?

I have always struggled with putting a price on what I do, outside of formal celebrant-ing. The work and the words, that I offer are so vital and so utterly a part of myself that it feels incredibly awkward and uncomfortable putting a price on it. Unlike many makers, I rarely create a tangible ‘product’, instead offering insights, inspiration and knowledge that I have gleaned through my experiences in life. It is near impossible to break these down into ‘marketable’ items and frankly I wouldn’t want to if I could. That is not who I am, nor does it resonate with my heart.

But – as I have been learning – that does not preclude this work and these offerings from having value beyond the emotional and it also does not change the reality that I have a family to support! So I set up a Ko-fi page to make it easier for anyone who supports my work and wants to support the creator – me! – alongside it, can make contributions quickly and easily without obligation.

What do I expect from you?

Nothing. The content I have always put out for free will continue to be, and I am hoping to increase the number of videos and downloads I offer over the next year. However if you ever read something, see something, hear something or download something of mine that moves you, inspires you or feels beneficial then I’d love you to consider hopping over to my Ko-fi page and making a contribution in return.

How do you send me a ‘coffee’?

All the instructions are over at the Ko-fi website. You simply need to sign yourself up (which is quick and easy) and can then make contributions from there. They are referred to ‘coffees’ but don’t worry, you’re not sending me caffeine, just the equivalent amount you’d spend on one in a coffee shop.

You can do that here at my Ko-fi page.

Alternatively, if all this sounds great but you don’t want to/can’t sign up to Ko-fi then get in touch with me via email and I can accept contributions directly.

Anything else?

Thank you! A thousand times thank you to everyone who reads my words, listens to me speak, shares what I do and generally supports me in the multitude of ways possible. Providing for myself and my family by doing what I love has been a dream since I was young and I have faith that with your help (and plenty of hard work!) I’ll get there.

DSCF5634 (1) Photo by Althea de Carteret

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