Reasons for a Naming Day…

(yes, there is more than one!)


Children of all ages can be gifted with a Naming Ceremony to celebrate who they are, their place in the World and the connections and relationships they are building as they grow.

First Birthday parties are becoming a popular occasion for a Naming Ceremony, giving the whole day more meaning and memories for everyone to share.

Adoption can be honoured and celebrated with a Naming Ceremony that can include the coming together of a whole family.

And a whole family can be Named to mark and celebrate the joining of two different families into one.

Trans and other LGBTQ+ folks can celebrate and honour stepping into their true identity with a Naming Ceremony crafted for just such an occasion.

And let’s not forget there may be those of us who, as adults, choose to acknowledge a pertinent shift or change in our ever-growing identity; this too can be acknowledged and embraced with a Naming Ceremony.

Being Named and witnessed by loved ones can be a joyful experience for all in attendance, and is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to show their loving support.

Acknowledge meaningful connections and relationships, speak words of promise and intention and assign special roles; such as ‘Guardians’ or ‘Oddparents’.

Gather the community that upholds you and, with symbolic acts and celebration, welcome an individual, a family or yourself into that community.


Alternatively, choose a place and time where you feel connected and free; where there everyone can be exactly who they are.

Go there with just myself or a few choice loved ones and honour yourself, an individual or a family for their uniqueness, their messiness, their wholeness and their beauty.

Acknowledge and welcome them, through ritual and spoken words, into the Web of Life you weave.

To Name and to Welcome

Bestowing a Name in ceremony is a powerful act, that empowers those involved with the strength of their identity.

To be Welcomed into our family, our community or our World is a powerful act of acceptance and can provide a strong foundation in which sturdy roots will grow.

Whether you choose to include any faith, ritual or symbolic acts, alongside the spoken words, promises and praise of a Naming is entirely up to you.

You might tell the story of a Name and how it came to be chosen. Speak of ancestors, family tree or important caregivers and role models in a life journey. Include readings, poems or songs that reflect your hopes and dreams. Light a candle. Plant a tree. Burn a photograph. Blow bubbles…

Get in touch and lets discuss the ways and words we might use to Welcome that important someone into the World.

Naming Ceremony Fee: From £200

Included in a Naming ceremony is a meeting with you (approx. 2 hours) to get to know everyone better, creating and writing the ceremony, a full re-drafting process which you are part of, presenting the Naming on the day and a beautifully presented copy of your ceremony to keep.

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on venue location)