Reasons for a Naming Day…

(yes, there is more than one!)

Children of all ages can be gifted with a Naming Ceremony to celebrate who they are, their place in the World and the connections and relationships they are building as they grow.

First Birthday parties are becoming a popular occasion to merge with a Naming Ceremony, giving the whole day more meaning and memories for everyone to share.

Adoption can be honoured and celebrated with a Naming Ceremony and can focus on the coming together of a whole new family.

And a whole family can be Named to mark and celebrate the joining of two (or more) different families into one big happy one!

Trans and other LGBTQ+ folks can celebrate and honour the courageous step of owning their true identity (privately or publicly) with a Naming Ceremony crafted for just such an occasion.

And let’s not forget there may be those of us who, as adults, choose to acknowledge a pertinent shift or change in our ever-growing identity; this too can be acknowledged and embraced with a Celebrant-led Naming Ceremony.


A small child smiles up at an adult who is bending to speak to him during his Naming Day Ceremony by Keli Tomlin Ceremonies


The Gift of a Naming Day


Being Named and witnessed by loved ones is a powerful and joyful experience for all involved and a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to show their loving support towards and individual and a family unit.

Take this opportunity to celebrate your child and share their unique quirks and wonders with the World. Express the unique gifts that they bring to your life and speak your own words of promise and love and hope for their future, to them and to the World too.

Assign special roles to important individuals; ‘Guardians’, ‘Guideparents’ or ‘Oddparents‘ will be those adults you wish to have an intentional part to play in the development of your little one. Invite them to take on this important role in ceremony; allowing the blessing of that responsibility to be acknowledged and celebrated by all.

Gather together the community that upholds you and through symbolic acts and joyful celebration welcome an individual, a family or yourself into the heart of that community. You can include as many people in the Naming Ceremony as you wish by incorporating readings, music, rituals and more.


A small child has an icy crown placed on its head by its mother during a Naming Day Ceremony by Keli Tomlin Ceremonies


To Name and to Welcome


As a Celebrant I specialise in creating Naming Day’s as unique and precious as the lives they are celebrating.

Most include at least two elements:

Bestowing a Name in ceremony is a powerful act, that gifts a child with the strength and inspiration of their given name and all the stories, energies and traditions that are woven into it.

Welcoming a child into their family, community and World is a mark of deep acceptance that provides a strong foundation from which the rest of their life can thrive and grow.

How we embody and express these elements, and what additional elements you choose to incorporate in order to truly personalise your Naming Day, is part of what we will discover through working together. As your Celebrant I can suggest rituals and words that creatively express the hopes and intentions that lie deep at the heart of your family relationships. You can choose to include faith, ritual or symbolic acts, or instead keep the focus secular but no less sacred.


A woman stands with her back to the camera looking out a the Edale Valley


Your Private Naming Day


A Naming Day doesn’t need to be a big, public party though.

It can be an intimate gathering with few or no witnesses at all, in a place and at a time where everyone feels connected and free and able to be exactly who they are.

Let the World be your witness as you honour yourself, an individual or a family for their uniqueness, their messiness, their wholeness and their unique beauty.

All the same components can be invoked, but as always, with me as your Celebrant, we start with a blank page. The rest we create together.

Naming Ceremony Fee: From £200

Includes a meeting with you (approx. 2 hours) to get to know everyone better, creating and writing the ceremony, a full re-drafting process which you are part of, presenting the Naming on the day and a beautifully presented copy of your ceremony to keep.

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on venue location)

Get in touch to discuss the ways and words we might use to Welcome that important someone into the World.


Update April 2020 – Please see ‘Booking With Me During Covid-19’ for changes during the Coronavirus crisis.