Celebrate the arrival of your new child with a Naming Ceremony that joyfully welcomes them into the Big Wide World.

Particularly suited to families and kiddos who love to wander, paddle, climb, and get muddy. A Wild Naming celebrates who they are and the community they live in, surrounded and inspired by the wild wonders of Nature! 

With no set form or text, a Wild Naming ceremony is utterly bespoke; written to suit your family, child and their unique story. Expect plenty of joy, laughter, love and a little ad-libbing, especially when litte ones get involved!

I encourage you to hold your celebration outdoors because – let’s face it – kids love being outside! Anywhere you and your child feel free to be themselves is perfect; in the garden, at a local venue or even in the woods.

A small child smiles up at Celebrant Keli Tomlin who is bending to speak to him during his Naming Ceremony by Keli Tomlin Ceremonies

Wild Ways for a Naming

Gather the folks who are most important to you and together welcome the newest member of your community.

The Bestowing of a Name is at the heart of a Wild Naming ceremony. A chance to share the story, traditions, and associations of the names you have chosen.

Parents might also make vows or promises to your child, speaking words of love and hope for their future. Grandparents, siblings or other special individuals may do the same.

If a child is old enough they may wish to speak their own dreams and intentions, surrounded by by their friends and loved ones.

You might assign special roles to important individuals. ‘Guardians’, ‘Guideparents’ or ‘Oddparents’ are those adults you hope will play an important and intentional role in your child’s life. They can make promises, speak vows or simply be acknowledged as part of your family.

Include as many people as you wish into the ceremony itself by incorporating readings, music, rituals and more.

A small child has an ivy crown placed on their head by their mother during a Naming Ceremony by Keli Tomlin Ceremonies

Who is a Wild Naming for?

Children of all ages can celebrate a Wild Naming ceremony; expressing who they are, their place in the World and the connections and relationships they are building as they grow.
You might event celebrate multiple siblings at once!

First Birthday parties can merge with a Wild Naming ceremony, creating more meaning and memories for everyone involved.

Trans and other queer folks can celebrate their true identity and acknowledge their true name with a Wild Naming ceremony.

Adoption can be marked with a Wild Naming ceremony; welcoming the new child and and celebrating the creation of a new family.

Joining families from previous relationships into one big happy one can be marked with a ‘Family Naming Ceremony’

On The Day Of Your Wild Naming…

I arrive in plenty of time and ensure the space is set and prepared for the ceremony we have planned. This can include a cleansing and blessing should you wish and I can provide the necessary tools for this.

I liaise with any staff, family, or friends involved in the ceremony to ensure we all know what needs to happen.

After the ceremony I can meet your guests and answer any questions. I will ensure any items of importance from the ceremony are safely packed away.

A celebration copy of your ceremony will arrive soon after for you to keep; a treasured memory of your wild and wonderful Naming Day!

Naming Ceremony Fee: From £275

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on venue location)