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Lammas: the first Harvest, the fallen grain crops, the sacrifice of the Corn King and the giving of the Land.

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“This is the time when the grain crops are ready to be harvested, the grasses cut back and the fields transformed from lush swathes of colour and texture into bare patches of stubbled earth. The trees and plants are beginning to show signs of strain, as the season of growth and the fullness of Summer drains energy reserves and the tug of the Wheel begins to hint of the descent towards Winter.

This document contains thoughts on Lammas 2019, specifically looking at the relationship we humans have with Giving and Receiving, and some ideas on how you might celebrate and mark the festival and the season alone or with family/friends.

As anyone who has attended ‘Walk the Wheel’ or ‘GATHER’ will know, I always try and listen in to the specific themes and energies that are presenting themselves each cycle, rather than simply repeating the same patterns of thought and inspiration. So while this isn’t a ‘Lammas 101’ it is – I hope – an interesting and unique perspective, drawn from my path and the World as I’m living it. I’d love to know your thoughts, your reactions and how you resonate or don’t with what is there; it is always fascinating and inspiring to see new threads being woven into and around my own; making my experience (and hopefully yours) so much richer.

I am not making a direct charge for this but if you would like to contribute to the work then please leave a donation over at my Ko-fi site (you have to sign up to do so but it will only take a moment) or contact me directly for transfer details. (Suggested contribution £3+). The document will be available through the month of August.

To download the document click here: On Lammas by Keli Tomlin

With so much gratitude at this Harvest time.



This document is copyright Keli Tomlin 2019 and I intended for personal use. It must not be copied or distributed, in full or in part, without my full and prior consent. Contact me here.


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