Every creative process is unique.

Each new occasion, location, and person involved will  affect how we go about crafting your ceremony and I will always aim to tailor the journey to your individual needs and circumstances.

That being said, it is likely we will take some if not all of the steps below before we reach our journey’s end:

A Consultation – ideally in person; at which we discuss your needs, my skills and how I might be able to help you. Most importantly though, this is a chance for us to take the measure of one another; to see how we blend together and decide if we will make good travelling companions.

This can take place at your home or a public place within 30miles of my local area. Alternative arrangements can be made if you are further away.

Getting To Know You – It’s good to hear more about the people and stories that sit at the heart of the ceremony, to be sure I find the best content and tone. This usually takes the form of an informal chat at your home or in a public place, if preferred.

Sharing Information – It helps to be kept in the loop regarding logistics that may affect the ceremony and my role as Celebrant. This might include venue information, music choices and any new ideas or inspirations you might like to include.

I will provide inspiration and ideas for your ceremony content, as well as encouraging you to share your own; all of this will then be thrown in the melting pot and we will see what emerges!

Drafts and re-drafts – Depending on the timescale, each ceremony will go through at least one draft phase; I will send you a draft via email which you are free to comment on and tweak as needed. This will eventually lead us to a finished article we are both happy with.

Rehearsals and run-throughs – If time and place allow, I am happy to take part in a rehearsal with the key members of the ceremony, if you would like one. On occasion I may request one myself if I feel there would be significant benefit. It is by no means necessary however; the choice really is yours.

© Chris Seddon Photography
© Chris Seddon Photography

On The Day

Upon arrival I will liaise with the necessary people and provide/prepare any items we have agreed upon in advance. I will then deliver the ceremony as we have agreed, allowing you to experience it free from worry and with full confidence that the right intentions will be met.

My duties include creating a special and sacred space in which all are welcome and then maintaining that space throughout, ensuring that everyone present (regardless of background or beliefs) feels included and integral to the ceremony itself. This may involve creating an altar with objects that are meaningful to you and the ceremony.

Ideas and Inspiration

For a more detailed look at the possibilities for different types of ceremony, use the drop down menu at the top of this page.