Intuitive Ceremony

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There are hundreds of small moments of change and transformation in our lives that very often aren’t recognised or celebrated; usually because they are deeply personal and sometimes painful.

Change is very rarely an easy thing; even the most desired changes come with their own share of uncertainty, worry and impatience. Living through a change or with the desire for change to occur can be a heavy burden; particularly in a world where we are encouraged to have everything we want now, now now!

It is for these moments that I offer Intuitive Ceremonies.

In this instance ‘Intuitive’ describes the process I go through to craft a ceremony that meets the specific needs each situation. I will create and hold a space for you in which to explore, acknowledge and encourage the changes and desires that drive you at this specific time; working with a mindful and compassionate awareness to embrace the truth of the moment. More than any of my other ceremonies, these are the most personal and unique.

It might be a time when you feel the need for change, for growth or perhaps the need to act but all avenues seem closed to you; an Intuitive Ceremony can be a powerful and meaningful way to experience your connection to life and your Self more deeply.

Some examples:

  • You are trying to have a child and hold a ceremony to  acknowledge the strength of this desire
  • A relationship has broken down and you choose to hold a ceremony to honour the past and move into the future
  • You are uncomfortable in your workplace and yearn for something different, but don’t know what; you hold a ceremony to honour that feeling and encourage change
  • Your life feels comfortable and safe and you wish to celebrate and be grateful
  • Your commitment to a movement or cause needs to be acknowledged and upheld

There are no limits to the reason behind an Intuitive Ceremony; if you feel that something needs to happen and you don’t know what, ceremony might be the answer.

The content of these ceremonies is limited only by the imagination. Each one will be crafted using my experience and your own wishes, combined to create a space that is safe and supportive for the heart to be known.

If you feel an Intuitive Ceremony might be useful or you have any other important moments in life that you’d like to mark using ceremony please get in touch using the Connect page.


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