“At its heart marriage – however it is forged – is about the love these people hold for one another; how it was created, how it has grown and how that love will flourish in years to come.”
Keli Tomlin

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When planning a wedding or commitment ceremony the first questions I ask will be about you; how did you meet, how do you live and what are your dreams for the future? Your answers and the story they tell will form the heart of your ceremony, infusing everything that follows with an unmistakable sense of who you are as individuals and as a unit.

This story can be shared with your guests as part of the ceremony itself; woven in along with the more traditional elements such as vows, rings and other acts of unity. The recalling and retelling of your journey together can be a wonderful way to engage your guests or simply be an opportunity to focus on one another and the reasons behind your decision to wed (sweet relief in the midst of frantic wedding planning!).

Weddings are often quite overwhelmeing, due to the amounts of energy and intention that go into the planning and execution. It is not uncommon to hear people say afterwards that their whole day passed in a (very enjoyable!) blur of food, guests and fizz. I consider it part of my role to create a centred and sacred space where you can stand with the person you love and take the time and space you need to mark your commitment to one another. This can, if required, include the creation of a simple shrine/altar space containing objects that are meaningful to you and relevant to the ceremony itself. I can also suggest a selection of acts of unity that can be used – alongside your vows/promises etc – to make the joining more tangible and more powerful. They include:

Exchange of rings

Handfasting (the binding of hands with ribbon or cord)

Lighting a candle (often from two separate candles)

Filling a jar with different coloured sands/soils/beads

Sharing a Quaich/Cup (often just the couple, sometimes with the everyone)

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Ultimately the ceremony content and structure will be controlled by you. I am always willing to research new ideas and to incorporate different faiths/beliefs to create a true reflection of your lives and loves. Imagination is key and there really are no limits. I can also advise on any legal actions you may wish to undertake to register your marriage if required.



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