Red Tent

A close up of red rosse petals with white writing over the top giving details about Red Tent event Hadfield

“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you, a place where you could go to be with women?

… a place away from the ordinary busy-ness of life… a place of women who knew the cycles of life, the ebb and flow of nature, who knew of times of work and times of quiet… who understood your tiredness and need for rest.

Women who could help you learn to light a candle and to wait…

How might your life be different?”

~ Judith Duerk, ‘Circle of Stones’


Reimagining this ancient container in a modern setting, with practises to open the heart, and nourish the body and spirit, Hadfield’s new Red Tent is a place of creativity and connection. 

A sacred space where women might come together to share their thoughts, insights and experiences; not to prove one’s worth or seek answers, but simply to be witnessed as themselves and to experience the power of unconditional acceptance and the nurture of witnessing other women.

Expect time to rest and be silent, alongside activities such as crafting, meditation and simple ceremony that embody the heart of each gathering and leave you with some memory or memento to take with you into the month ahead.

Each session will end with the sharing of food and drink to sustain you on your journey home.


This is an LGBTQ+ inclusive space for any self-identifying women or non-binary people who feel called to this space. Suitable for ages 16+

Cost: £10 per person

Spaces are limited to ten per session, so booking is essential. Contact me here to claim yours.