In line with guidance from the UK Government on Weddings, Receptions and Celebrations in England, my work as a Wild Celebrant is changing slightly for 2020 and the first half of 2021; with the potential for an extension to this should Covid-19 restrictions remain in place.

To ensure your special day meets with all the necessary legalities and safety measures whilst maintaining that same sense of wildness at its heart, all ceremonies will follow these modified terms:


All bookings will take place over email and are flexible; to allow for potential date changes etc due to Covid. This article explains this more fully.

In-person consultations are currently suspended, but we can still have a chat via Zoom, Whatsapp or telephone if you’d like to get to know me a bit more before booking.


Getting to know you is a really important part of creating your ceremony. If possible, we will still hold these meetings in person, to help our connection grow strong and authentic. The meeting will ideally be outdoors, or in a large/well ventilated space, following all relevant guidelines for social gatherings.

I will bring a mask, hand sanitiser and a small notebook and pen. Any documents we might need to share will be done so via email. If meeting in person does not fit with current guidance or does not feel right for you, we can meet online via Zoom. This will require a computer with a microphone, camera, and decent broadband connection.

If this isn’t possible due to current restrictions, or prefereable, we can chat on the phone.


The drafting process has always been via email and will continue to be so. I will use my writing skills and all the gems I’ve gleaned from getting to know you and what you want in your ceremony, to write a draft.

I will send this to you via email and invite you to make changes/additions as you feel necessary. This back and forth will continue until the ceremony is complete and to your full satisfaction.

All ceremonies are completed (ideally) one month before the Big Day to give me time to be familiar with it. During this time, I will also be in touch with any guests who are taking part in the ceremony and any relevant venue staff to ensure all safety precuations and ceremony needs are taken care of.

I am not offering ceremony rehearsals at this time, but will be in touch just before the ceremony date to ensure we all feel certain and sure of what is ahead.

Ceremony ~ Wild at Heart

Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies are finally being treated as equal (with regard Covid regulations at least!) to legal and religious ceremonies!

This means we are subject to the Four Tier System currently in place.

Tier 1 and 2 – Wedding and Handfasting Ceremonies are allowed for up to 15 attendees, including the couple and guests, in a Covid-secure venue/environment. A ‘sit-down’ Reception for the same people can follow afterwards.

Tier 3 – Wedding and Handfasting Ceremonies are allowed for up to 15 attendees, including the couple and guests, in a Covid-secure venue/environment. No Reception is permitted.

Tier 4 – Wedding and Handfasting Ceremonies are not allowed except in exceptional circumstances, for example, an urgent marriage where one of those getting married is seriously ill and not expected to recover, or is to undergo debilitating treatment or life-changing surgery.

This can include up to 6 attendees, including the couple and guests, in a Covid-secure venue or in public outdoor spaces unless in exceptional circumstances.

Important Notes

Individuals must adhere to the rules for either the Tier they are coming from or the Tier they are travelling to, depending on which is highest. For example, a guest travelling from a Tier 4 area to a Tier 3 area is still subject to Tier 4 rules. Similarly, guests travelling from a Tier 2 area to a Tier 4 area for a wedding must adhere to Tier 4 rules throughout. This applies to Celebrants too!

If you choose to celebrate at an outdoor location that is not officially Covid-secure it will be subject to the rules on gatherings which are Tier specific.

Ceremonies in homes and gardens are not allowed at this time, unless under extenuating circumstances.

You will, as before, be required to legalise your marriage through the appropriate channels.

Everyone must adhere to social distancing guidelines. If the ceremony is taking place indoors masks will need to be worn by all guests and staff throughout; those to-be-wed and the Celebrant are exempt for the duration of the ceremony.

Content is not restricted (although singing and chanting has specific requirements) and we can still perform rituals such as ring exchanges, handfastings etc. We will plan each process carefully to ensure they are both safe and meaningful.

Having to use a Covid-secure venue isn’t usual for a Wild Celebrant like me! I love being out in the woods or fields marrying folks surrounded by nature… not guidelines and hand sanitiser!

But choosing a site that’s a little more civilised may well be worth it, to have up to 15 in attendance!

Don’t forget, many venues will have outdoor spaces that they may or may not have used for a wedding before; it’s worth asking! Everyone is keen to be as flexible as possible right now and wants to do what we can to make your day special.

There are also a number of incredible outdoor wedding venues who are working hard to be Covid secure and would make the ideal choice for both the need for wilderness and the need to stay safe in the world we currently live in.

Check Out:

The Wellbeing Farm, Manchester

Parkgate Farm Tipi Weddings, Stockport

Cheshire Woodland Weddings, Cheshire

Spring Cottage at Rivington, Rivington


I am still providing beautiful gift copies of ceremonies to my Wild Wedding folks. They may arrive a little later than usual, as suppliers and post are still running a little behind sometimes. I’ll keep you updated and be sure to let you know when its in the post.

Go Wild ~ Elopements & Tiny Weddings

If your heart is set on a truly wild setting for your wedding: never fear!

Tiny Weddings and Elopements currently fall under the guidance for social gatherings.

Right now, Tiers 1,2 & 3 allow for up to 6 people meeting in a public outdoor space; just enough for me, you, your beloved and a chosen few witnesses, or perhaps just you, your love and I, and a photographer.

Under Tiers 1 & 2 we can meet in your garden as long as we adhere to the ‘rule of 6’ and the maximum number of households able to mix.

Sometimes, small is perfect!

Stay Wild & Wait

Restrictions are likely be in place until the middle of 2021 (at least!). So, if you can’t let go of your dream of a Wild Wedding without Covid-complications, then a little patience may be in order.

Don’t delay on booking your venue and ceremony however! The wedding industry needs your support in these difficult times, not to mention there will doubtless be a large backlog of postponements and cancellations to deal with when things finally free up. If you are looking at getting married end of 2021-2022 then book your Celebrant now to save your date.

There are a few things you could do to help keep the momentum moving forward. See these two posts for inspiration:

This page was last updated on 30/12/2020. All information was correct at time of writing. Please contact me for full details regarding any upcoming ceremonies, via the contact page or email