Creating a Sacred & Secular Wedding Ceremony

What to do when your partner or guests don’t share your faith or spirituality…

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Traditions are not the antithesis of an Alternative Wedding

Why wedding traditions are great and you don’t have to be less ‘alternative’ to love them…

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Living Sacred: Sacred Tattoos and the Four Elements

I knew in my bones that if I chose to have something inscribed on my skin it would be a visceral and sacred expression of my lived experience.

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Are you a Humanist Celebrant?

Not all wedding celebrants are Humanists, and that’s a good thing!

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What is a Handfasting Ceremony?

Handfasting is a simple, powerful way to embody the heart of your wedding ceremony.

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A Celebrant reclaiming the ‘Sacred’

For many years I avoided using the word ‘sacred’ but now I embrace it.

Here’s why…

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Getting Married in Circle

Would you get married in a Circle? Powerful inclusivity, symbolism and beauty awaits…

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Make Your Wedding Legal

With a Celebrant led wedding, the law isn’t the focus of your wedding day; you are!

So how do you make it legal?

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Wild Weddings for Wild Folks!

I’m Keli; a Sacred Celebrant creating wild wedding ceremonies and more across Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Manchester and the UK.

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