We come together to walk the Wheel,
to share with one another and be inspired…

Walk the Wheel

Each evening will be focused on a festival from the Earth-based Wheel of the Year and will include:

exploring the themes and traditions behind each festival

sharing our lived experiences with a community of like-minded souls

sharing creative expressions of the season (see below)

celebrating and deepening our part in the cycle of the year through mindful actions (e.g: pathworking / guided mediatation / storytelling / creative writing / ritual / chanting and more)





Hadfield Community Room, Railway Street, Hadfield, SK13 2AA

The Community Room is on the lower street level and is accessed through the green door behind the War Memorial. There is a shallow step into the building but the room itself is fully accessible; however the toilets are up a flight of stairs.



Advance booking is not required for this event and payment can be made in cash on the night. However if you would like to make your payment in advance this can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. Please get in touch for the details you need.



Anyone with an open mind and an open heart, who wishes to experience the seasons more fully and connect with Nature more deeply.

Children are welcome and there is no charge for under 16s. They must however be accompanied by an adult who is fully responsible for them, their safety and their actions at all times. This is a space of listening and sharing, and adults should be confident that their child/children will be willing and able to match the energy of the space.


Anything Else:

Each event will have a ‘Sharing Circle’ during which participants will be invited to share a creative expression of the season with the group. This can come in any form, as long as it resonates with you. Some examples include:

short stories / excerpts from books
songs / chants (acoustic)
anecdotes and memories
thoughts and ponderings
artwork and images

You are heartily encouraged to share your own creations/thoughts. If you do share something belonging to someone else please be sure to share the source.

After the circle there will be time to socialise and chat, with hot drinks and a light snack provided. If you can, please do bring something to share with the group.



Any further questions or queries, please do get in touch!