Every wedding and handfasting ceremony I write starts as a blank page; how we fill that depends entirely on you.

As a Celebrant it is my deepest wish to craft you a ceremony that is unique and utterly connected to who you are, how you love, and the life you live together.

I want to share your story with your lucky guests. Sometimes that means recounting anecdotes and moments from your life. Sometimes its about getting the overall tone and energy just right.

Lets share your wildest dreams and imagined possibilities, mix them with my knowledge, experience and inspiration from over a decade’s worth of ceremonies, to ensure your wedding ceremony expresses the passion, the joy and the quirks that make your love so special.


Connecting with your Wedding Celebrant


Wedding Celebrant Keli Tomlin stands with a bride and groom in the entrance to Thornbury Castle. The sky showing behind them is cloudy, the bride is carrying a brightly coloured bouquet.

One of the wonderful things about my job is growing the relationship between us that will lead to a sense of connection and confidence on your wedding day. Through at least two hours of in-person meeting (if possible) we will get to know one another better and I will gather all the information I need to craft a ceremony that expresses your commitment to one another.

As your Celebrant I offer a connection that is at once professional and familiar, sensitive and expressive. I hold everything we share together in strictest confidence, whilst using all my skills and experience to communicate what really matters to you through the words and actions of your completed ceremony.

Wedding guests are often surprised to learn that I’m not a secret friend they’ve never heard of! I take pride in ensuring the tone, energy and feel of the ceremony is perfectly attuned to you.


Your Wedding, Anywhere


I am free to create your wedding ceremony in whatever dream location you are able to procure. Indoor or outdoor? By the sea or in the woods? A working farm or Tudor castle? There are no limits on where a Celebrant wedding can take place.

I specialise in wild outdoor wedding ceremonies for those who love being surrounded by Nature. Whether that’s in your back garden, in a meadow beside a rented tipi or beneath the canopy of your favourite woodland, your ceremony can be a wild and wonderful experience you’ll never forget.

I work a lot in the Peak District (which is well known for its range of incredible landscapes, locations and venues) and am happy to advise on options in this area. I also love an adventure so am happy to travel to new places should you ask me to.

A large garden, surrounded by trees and wildflowers, is hung with bunting and set out with haybales, blankets and an unlit bonfire in preparation for an outdoor wedding with wedding Celebrant Keli Tomlin a large oak tree dominates the centre of the image, beneath it a bride and groom stand with their wedding Celebrant Keli Tomlin as she conducts their viking handfasting A couple stand on a grassy hill, dressed for a wedding, The sky above is blue and cloudless. They stand close, embracing. A couple walk through a field of tall, drying grass. The woman wears a flower crown atop a hijab. the man is casually dressed but the matching shade of red they wear suggests they are getting married.

Incorporating the atmosphere of your chosen location into your ceremony is part of my craft and I am always honoured to be invited to places of great beauty and personal meaning. I want to know if you’ve trodden this ground since childhood, or whether you’ve never been before but something about the hills stirs your heart. I want to create you a wedding ceremony that – whatever the location – feels like home.


Handfasting, ritual and more


I also specialise in ritual and symbolic actions and believe strongly in the visceral quality they bring to any wedding or commitment ceremony. Handfasting, cup sharing or candle lighting are just the start of a long list of ideas you may wish to consider to bring a deep and powerful moment to your celebration. Alternatively, if you want something truly unique, I love creating new rituals that are just for you; my years of experience as a Celebrant mean I have plenty of confidence and inspiration to draw from

Most ceremonies include traditional elements such as a ring exchange and vows. I can help you decide whether to write your own, to ‘repeat after me’ or a mixture of the two.  The promises you make to one another are the beating heart of every wedding ceremony and I will ensure everything else that sits around it will reflect the truth and meaning of those special words.

Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant Keli Tomlin holds a gold wedding ring on her palm. In the background are the wedding guests, watching. A couples hands are joined atop a small round wedding bouquet in whites, greens and peaches. Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant Keli Tomlin holds the joined hands of a bride and groom whose faces cannot be seen. The handfasting cord is chunky and handwoven, in reds, greens and gold.


Honouring Wedding Guests


Making sure that every guest feels connected and part of the ceremony is very important to me. Everyone present is a participant and I encourage witnessing as an active and engaged experience!

I have worked with all sizes of group – from 10 to 200! – and am comfortable bringing unconnected people together; encouraging them to recognise their shared intention of celebrating and supporting you, their loved ones. This includes welcoming individuals from different faith backgrounds and ensuring we all meet in a place of mutual understanding and respect.

Involving family and friends in the ceremony itself can be a wonderful way to acknowledge their important place in your life. They might offer a reading, light a candle or perform part of the ceremony for you.

For the congregation: think a live sing-a-long, ring warming or wishing love and support into every handful of confetti they throw.

Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant Keli Tomlin watches as a bride and groom have their hands bound by their family. A couple stand on a raised wooden platform in front of a darkened barn where chairs are set out as if for guests. They stand close, looking at one another and smiling. There are fairy lights above and behind them Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant Keli Tomlin holds a basket of confetti while two boys take handfuls. Keli is turned towards the camera laughing and smiling. 


A Wedding Full of Spirit


Is there a space in your life for spirituality? Does this find its strongest expression in Nature? Do you follow a personal or particular Pagan path?

I am a spiritual person, on a personal path that finds beauty, inspiration and sacred qualities in Nature and all of life’s expressions. I call myself ‘green-spirited’ (a phrase coined by a teacher of mine) to express both my passion for the Earth and its elements, as well as my commitment to sustainability and living an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant Keli Tomlin stands with trees behind her, looking towards the bride and groom she is marrying, smiling at them

My green-spirit is part of everything I do and will inevitably be part of the ceremony we create. This might manifest in the creation of a sacred space, incorporating elements of your own spiritual tradition, and/or honouring the elements and energies of the place we are in with words and ritual. Or it might simply be present in my compassionate manner, my commitment to leaving the physical space clean and tidy, and my approach to all ceremonies (whatever their content) as sacred.

I can bring my green-spirited-ness at whatever level best reflects your needs. I am more than happy to perform wedding ceremonies for those with no spiritual leanings and ensure that my own beliefs are present only as an undercurrent of compassion, consideration and deep respect.


A Mixed Pair


Is one of you a spiritual person and the other an atheist? Do you each have different approaches to the meaning and mystery of life?

Many of the folks I work with have different understandings of the need for spirituality and as such have different preferences on how that be incorporated into their wedding ceremony. I am well-practised at ensuring both your truths are fully reflected and represented and I take great joy and care in weaving together what is important to each of you in such a way that no-one feels alienated or uncertain.

An alternative wedding couple stand in front of a bright blue door, heads pressed together. A small bouquet of flowers is held between them. A bride and groom dressed in viking clothes walk through a gathering of family and friends as rose confetti. Behind them Keli Tomlin Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant is smiling. A couple stand with their heads pressed together, dressed for a wedding. A bride and groom walk away from their wedding and handfasting ceremony surrounded by confetti


On the day of your Wedding / Handfasting…


I will be there with plenty of time to spare, to ensure the space is set and prepared for the ceremony we have planned. This can include a cleansing and blessing should you wish and I will provide all necessary tools for this.

I will happily liaise with any venue staff, wedding planners and of course family and friends who are involved in the ceremony both prior to and on the day itself. If you would like to include a rehearsal before the day, this can be arranged, but is not mandatory.

After the ceremony I will be around to meet your guests, answer any questions and ensure any items of importance from the ceremony are safely packed away for you.

I also provide a beautifully presented copy of your ceremony for you to keep.

Wedding / Handfasting / Commitment Ceremony Fee: From £500

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on venue location)

If you think I might be the wild wedding Celebrant for you then get in touch.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Email: info@kelitomlinceremonies.com

Update April 2020 – Please see ‘Booking With Me During Covid-19’ for changes during the Coronavirus crisis.