Weddings and Handfastings

As a Wild Wedding Celebrant I create wild outdoor wedding ceremonies for folks who love being surrounded by the natural world. Whether that’s in your back garden, in a meadow beside a rented tipi or beneath the canopy of your favourite woodland, your ceremony can be a wild and wonderful experience for you and your guests.

If you prefer to have a roof over your head – brick or otherwise – while saying your vows then that’s no problem either. I’m happy to bring a little of the wild indoors with me and to create your unique wedding ceremony for whatever location suits you; from village halls to stately homes to Tudor castles.

I work a lot in the Peak District (which is well known for its range of incredible landscapes and locations) and am happy to advise on possible locations and options in this area. I also love an adventure so would be happy to travel to new places should you ask me to.

The guests are gathered on the grass watching the Celebrant Keli Tomlin deliver the wedding ceremony. The image is black and white

Incorporating the energy and feel of your chosen location into the tone of your ceremony is second nature and I am always honoured to be invited to places of great beauty and personal meaning. I want to know if you’ve trodden this ground since childhood, or whether you’ve never been before but something about the hills stirs your heart. I want to create you a wedding ceremony that – whatever the location – feels like home.

A ceremony for you

Every wedding ceremony I write starts as a blank page; what we fill that with depends entirely on your hopes, dreams and desires.

As an accomplished wordsmith and storyteller I want to tell your story, in your way; so for some that may mean sharing anecdotes and stories from your life, for others its more about the overall tone and energy.

Above all, I will ensure that every guest invited to your special day knows they are witnessing and honouring the celebration of your love and commitment; making memories for everyone that will last a lifetime.

A viking bride and groom have their hands bound together with blue and purple robbons as part of a handfasting lead by Celebrant Keli Tomlin. Everyone is smiling.

If you want to involve friends or family members in some way I have a wealth of ideas on how this can happen and encourage you to share your own. Think live music, poignant readings and heartfelt wishes in every handful of confetti. Not to mention Ring Warming and other symbolic acts for everyone to get involved in.

Ritual and more

I specialise in ritual and symbolic actions; believing strongly in the visceral quality they bring to any wedding or commitment ceremony. Handfasting, cup sharing or candle lighting are just the start of a long list of ideas you may wish to consider to bring a deep and powerful moment to yours. Alternatively, if you want something truly unique, I love creating new rituals that are just for you; my years of experience as a Celebrant mean I have plenty of confidence and inspiration to draw from.

You may want to include more traditional elements such as a ring exchange and vows. I can help you decide whether to write your own or to let me take the lead and gift you with the right words for that important moment. The promises you make to one another are the beating heart of every wedding ceremony and I will ensure everything that sits around it reflect the truth and meaning of those precious words.

A Bride and Groom stand before a large stone fireplace. The Celebrant Keli Tomlin is standing behind them, laughing at something the bride has said. The couple's hands are tied with a purple and gold handfasting cord.

Full of Spirit

Do you follow a Pagan path? Having worked and socialised within the pagan community for many years I am both confident and capable when it comes to creating and holding sacred space and incorporating elements of different pagan faith traditions. I am also more than happy to don a cloak or ceremonial robes in order to step into the role of Priestess for your special day.

If you feel a subtler resonance with Nature or a less overtly spiritual approach is more your cup of tea, I can bring my own green-spirited-ness at whatever level best reflects your needs. I am more than happy to perform wedding ceremonies for those with no spiritual leanings and ensure that my own beliefs are present only as an undercurrent of compassion, consideration and deep respect.

viking bride and groom confetti

A Mixed Pair

Is one of you a spiritual person and the other less so?

Or do you have different approaches to the meaning and mystery of life?

If so, don’t panic; it is one of my top priorities to ensure that both your truths are fully reflected and represented and I take great joy and care in weaving them together to create one wild and wonderful wedding ceremony.

The corner of a pagan wedding altar including forget me knots, beeswax candles and cake. The Celebrant Keli Tomlin lighting a sage bundle for smudging.

On the day…

I will be there with time to spare, to ensure the space is set and prepared for the ceremony we have planned. This can include a cleansing and blessing should you wish and I provide all necessary tools for this.

I will happily liaise with any venue staff, wedding planners and of course family and friends who are involved in the ceremony prior to the day itself.

A copy of my Public Liability Insurance can be provided in the lead up to the ceremony, if requested.

After the ceremony I will be around to meet guests and ensure any items of importance from the ceremony are safely packed away for you.

I also provide a beautifully presented copy of your ceremony for you to keep.

If you think I might be the Wild Wedding Celebrant for you then get in touch; I can’t wait to hear from you.

Wedding / Handfasting / Commitment Ceremony Fee: From £500

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on venue location)