I am an earth-loving, barefoot-walking, tree-hugging human and Wild Celebrant, who loves nothing more than getting muddy, tired, and inspired exploring the natural world.

Living in a small village in the Peak District, with my son and husband, makes this easy; though I’m not adverse to a Netflix binge either! A Yorkshire lass at heart, I love the tea, the ale and the sarcastic humour. I’m also a sensitive soul and feel most at home beneath the canopy of our wild woodlands.

Poetry and words are my passion; I believe strongly in the power of speaking them aloud and I bring this to every ceremony I create. I am hugely inspired by writers such as John O’Donohue, Glennie Kindred, Robert MacFarlane and Emma Restall Orr. For escape, I dive into novels that are fantastical and filled with dragons, because I believe the World needs a little more magic in it.

I love folk music and will always be the first up to dance. Campfires, long skirts, cider and drums are my idea of perfect evening. I often camp with my family and dream of sneaking off into the woods alone, to sleep under the stars. Over the years, I’ve visited Stonehenge, Avebury, the Nine Ladies, Arbor Low, West Kennett Barrow and Glastonbury Tor and have a deep respect for these wild and sacred places.

I still find the hills of my own valley the most perfect place to be to watch the sun rise and set.


Keli is such a lovely person with a kind and positive heart. Her energy and love seems to shine out of her and she instantly made us feel comfortable and at ease.

We will be eternally grateful to Keli for all the hard work, love and pure magic she put into our day.

~ Emma & Robert, 2019


Wild Celebrant

I trained to be a ‘Green-Spirited’ Celebrant, with two wonderful teachers, Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling, in 2014 but my journey with ceremony and ritual began far earlier.

I explored paganism in my late teens before deciding that labels didn’t suit me. I continued to develop a personal spirituality, rooted in different inspirations and my own lived experiences. I grew confident in creating my own rituals and sacred spaces; taking inspiration from Nature and its seasonal cycles.

I have worked with the London Pagan Federation participating in seasonal celebrations and rituals for the public; sometimes attracting over a hundred attendees. These celebrations were theatrical, enthusiastic and fun and taught me a lot about telling a story, holding space for a large group, and connecting people through the power of symbolic actions and words.

Today, I am a Wild Celebrant; strongly connected to the Earth and the outdoors and passionate about creating special moments for unique folks in some truly magical places.

I am an animist and believe all things have a spirit and are therefore sacred and deserving of respect, care and compassion. I believe in living a sustainable, eco-conscious life and doing all we can to encourage change for the sake of our species and our planet.


Your Celebrant

I want to draw out the personal passions and beauties that make you wild and wonderfully unique!

Finding the joys, the anecdotes, the promises and the dreams that fuel your journey through life will ensure a ceremony that is both deeply personal and memorable. A ceremony that resonates with your voice is the heart of a day remembered as being totally ‘you’. I love using my skills as a writer, public speaker and performer to make this happen.


It was so important to us to feel that the ceremony and the words we spoke belonged to us. Your commitment to helping us find those words and your ability to craft them into something that could be shared with the people we love was beautiful. You took so much time and care to get to know us personally and that meant a lot.

~ Meg and Louis, 2019


I also bring my deep care and enthusiasm for the natural World with me; encouraging and inspiring both a ceremony and a day that embrace the landscape and the energy of the outdoors.

Think hay bales, picnic blankets, a circle of loved ones, a tree full of ribbons, a fire bowl to draw everyone close. Muddy boots or bare feet, wildflower hair and endless smiles. Tarpaulins or tipis to keep out the elements. Boho chic or bootstrap basic; whatever the dream I want to be part of it!


The ceremony itself was wonderful – very relaxed and informal, full of fun, laughter and happy tears, just as we’d hoped! You captured us perfectly. So many guests commented on how special the ceremony was and how lovely you were, with just the right amount of fun balanced with the importance of the ceremony and commitment we were making.

~ Kev & Helen, 2018

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