Are you dreaming of a wild wedding in the great outdoors; wellies, wildflowers in your hair and the sky blue overhead?

Perhaps you have hired an incredible tipi to fill with friends, family and natural beauties on your special day?

Or do you have a fantastical theme in mind; creating a midsummer night’s dream, an elvish wedding or a viking gathering from the ground up?

As a Wild Celebrant it is my joy and pleasure to craft you a wedding ceremony that is as unique as you are.

Wild Space

A Celebrant wedding can take place anywhere!

I specialise in outdoor wedding ceremonies, for those who love to be out in Nature; whether that’s your back garden, a meadow beside a rented tipi, or beneath the canopy of your favourite woodland.

I am based in the Peak District, and love working in this beautiful and diverse area. I can advise on local wild wedding options; from venues, to florists, and photographers who all capture that sense of freedom and connection to the landscape. I also love an adventure so am happy to travel to new places, across the UK.

Wild Love

You and your beloved have chosen to build a life together. You may already be far down that path, or perhaps the journey is just beginning.

Every word I write is carefully chosen to reflect yourselves and your unique intentions. Drawing on the different threads of your life, your dreams and your community is what gives these ceremonies heart and makes them so memorable.

Every action in the ceremony is also chosen to reflect the truth and meaning behind your intention to wed.

Along with vows and ring exchange you might also include:

readings of poems, favourite books or movie quotes

songs and music, involving everyone or chosen individuals

toasting one another or sharing a cup as a symbol of your love and commitment

acknowledging existing family ties, honouring the joining of two families as one

a Handfasting to symbolise the joining of your lives and love

ring warming, confetti throwing and other ways of involving all your guests together

and so much more!

I am always open to new ideas, new possibilities and especially enjoy creating new rituals specific to your ceremony.

Wild Celebrant

I am the one who is happy to wander into the wilderness to witness your vows of love and marry you to one another.

I am the one who is inspired and nourished by nature, who brings a sense of meaningful connection to all my ceremonies and clients too.

I am the one who brings the wild and vibrant energy of the natural world into a marquee or stately home.

I am the one who welcomes the sky, the grass, the birds before beginning your wild, outdoor ceremony.

I am the one who ensures all your guests feel valued, respected and connected in these special moments.

I am the one who casts a sacred circle and performs blessings from each of the Four Elements, if that is what you need.

I am the one who mixes ideas of faith, spirituality, and belief to ensure your truths are fully reflected and represented. 

I am the one who brings a sense of meaning and the sacred without needing religion to be involved at all.

I am the one who encourages you to open your hearts to one another, to dare to be vulnerable before your beloved, as you make promises that will change you in the very best way.

I am the Wild Celebrant and I want to help bring your wild wedding to life!

What to expect on Your Wild Wedding Day

I arrive with plenty of time to spare and ensure the space is set and prepared for the ceremony we have planned. This can include a cleansing and blessing should you wish and I will provide the necessary tools for this.

I deliver the ceremony as planned. Every moment will be carefully and lovingly held, including all those unexpected moments that inevitably occur!

After the ceremony I can meet your guests and answer any questions. I will also ensure any items of importance, from the ceremony, are safely packed away, before leaving you to your celebrations!

You celebration copy of your finalised ceremony script will be on its way to you within a couple of weeks.

Wild Wedding fee from £600

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on location)