Are you dreaming of a wild wedding in the great outdoors; wellies, wildflowers in your hair and the sky blue overhead?

Perhaps you have hired an incredible tipi to fill with friends, family and natural beauties on your special day?

Or do you have a fantastical theme in mind; creating a midsummer night’s dream, an elvish wedding or a viking gathering from the ground up?

As a Wild Celebrant it is my joy and pleasure to craft you a wedding ceremony that is as unique as you are.



Wild Celebrant

Writing, speaking and the great outdoors are my passions. Weekends (when I’m not leading weddings!) often find me walking the hills and moors, immersed in a new book of poems, or weeding at our allotment.

This deep connection to nature lead me to become a Wild Celebrant; one who is always happy to wander into the wilderness, to witness your vows of love to one another.

Wild Space

There are no limits on where a Celebrant wedding can take place.

I specialise in outdoor wedding ceremonies for those who love to be out in nature. Whether that’s your back garden, a meadow beside a rented tipi or beneath the canopy of your favourite woodland, your ceremony can be a wild and wonderful experience you’ll never forget.

Based in the Peak District, I love working in this incredibly beautiful and diverse area. I also love an adventure so am happy to travel to new places, across the UK. I can advise on local wild wedding options; from venues, to florists, and photographers who all capture that sense of freedom and connection to the landscape.

I encourage you to be creative with your ceremony space, to shape and decorate it sustainibly and with care. Embracing, honouring and including the natural world as part of the ceremony (from the landscape, to the plants and creatures present, to the weather we are blessed with in the day!) is part of what makes you wedding wild!



Wild Love

Together you and your beloved have chosen to build a life together. You may be far down that path already, or perhaps the journey is just beginning.

The promises you make are the beating heart of every wild wedding ceremony. I ensure everything that sits around it reflects the truth and meaning of those special words.

Many of the folks I work with have different yet complimentary experiences of belief and spirituality. I am well-practised at ensuring both your truths are fully reflected and represented.  I take great joy and care in weaving together what is important to each of you into a meaningful whole.

This extends to your wedding guests, who may include individuals from different faith backgrounds; I ensure we all meet in a place of mutual understanding and respect, built on a shared love and care for you!



Wild Heart

Your wedding ceremony is the wild heart of your wedding day.

I always begin with a blank page. Together, we will share ideas, stories, memories and more about your wild love and what elements of that you might want to share with your wedding guests (and one another!)

I incorporate the right words, rituals, and individuals into a wild wedding ceremony unlike any you or your guests will have experienced before.

Vows, rings, readings and other ‘traditional’ elements can all be incorporated, but with a wild edge that speaks the tone, energy and truth of you and your relationship.

You might include other symbolic acts such as a Handfasting, cup sharing or candle lighting to give the ceremony depth and create wonderful memories.

Involving family and friends, weaving in children and creating new rituals that resonate with your family dynamic are a particular passion of mine. Every wedding guest is a participant; I encourage witnessing as an active and engaged experience!


An alternative wedding couple stand in front of a bright blue door, heads pressed together. A small bouquet of flowers is held between them. A bride and groom dressed in viking clothes walk through a gathering of family and friends as rose confetti. Behind them Keli Tomlin Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant is smiling. A couple stand with their heads pressed together, dressed for a wedding. A bride and groom walk away from their wedding and handfasting ceremony surrounded by confetti


On the Day of your Wedding…


I arrive with plenty of time to spare and ensure the space is set and prepared for the ceremony we have planned. This can include a cleansing and blessing should you wish and I will provide the necessary tools for this.

I liaise with venue staff, wedding planners and of course family and friends who are involved in the ceremony. If you would like to include a rehearsal before the day this can be arranged.

After the ceremony I can meet your guests and answer any questions. I will ensure any items of importance, from the ceremony, are safely packed away.

A beautifully presented copy of your ceremony will arrive soon after for you to keep; a treasured memory of your wild and wonderful wedding day!

Wedding / Handfasting / Commitment Ceremony Fee: From £500

(added costs for travel/accommodation may be incurred depending on venue location)


If you think I might be the Wild Wedding Celebrant for you then
get in touch here or drop me an email.

I can’t wait to hear from you!